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Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning & Repair Services

Ben White Pool Service was founded by our previous owner (Ben) and has been passed down in the family to Bert. Our team delivers the same high-level of passion and care for our clients as the first day we started! We are certified in all aspects of swimming pool maintenance and repair – all so we can deliver the highest quality customer sevice possible!

All Areas Around Argyle TX

Ben White Pool Service has expanded our service route to include all areas around Argyle TX! From Cleaning, Repairs to Chemical Maintenance & Automation Programming – our team is able to provide any type of swimming pool repair or maintenance service for your beautiful Outdoor Living Space!

Easy To Contact

It’s easy to connect with us and request a service for your backyard. Our team is always on the road and can respond within a matter of hours. Just give us a call or send us an email! We are here to help!

State Certified Training

Hiring the right type of Service Technician for your home is extremely important! We are trained and Certified Pool Professionals (CPO) that have the skills and to keep your pool healthy & clean. Keep your home and family safe with our certified services!

Customer Approved

Our clients love how easy we are to work with and the professionalism of our services & staff. We keep all of our customers at the forefront of our priority list and provide above-and-beyond services for each client!

Certified Pool Cleaning Service

Did you know that there’s a difference between certified and un-certified pool professionals?¬†Well there certainly is and we’ve invested in our ability to care for your pool and home with our professional services! Therefore, we provide our clients with a safe, professional and certified pool maintenance service designed around fair pricing and backed by manufacturer warranties!

Client Testimonials

We contacted Ben White Pool Service when our filter pump started to smoke. We noticed that it wasn’t pulling any water in and knew we had a leak. Bert came out and repaired a leaking valve and gave us a fair price on the motor. He did the work quickly and called me a week later to check on it, so grateful for his help!

Susan, Argyle TX

We are not the best at maintaining our swimming pool and hadn’t added any chemicals all winter. Our son had a birthday party at our house for Spring Break and we knew we had to clean the pool and make it look great – so we called Bert and he rescued our green pool within the matter of a few days. Couldn’t believe the change!

Kimberly, Southlake TX

My previous pool cleaner ripped us off and wasn’t cleaning our pool adequately. We contacted Bert and are so relieved by the level of support and constant contact that he provides us. Bert goes out of his way to care for his clients and offers fair pricing for all of his services. So grateful to have an easy guy to work with!

Don, Denton TX

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services do you provide?

We provide a wide range of swimming pool cleaning & repair services, such as:

  • Filter Cleaning
  • Chemical Maintenance
  • Brushing / Emptying Skimmer Baskets
  • Equipment Diagnosing
  • Leak Detection
  • Automation Programming
  • Much more

In essence if you have a backyard that needs our attention – we can help! Just give us a call or let us know what you’re looking for and Ben White Pool Service will be more than happy to help maintain your outdoor living space!

What warranties do you offer?

All of our products are backed by manufacturer warranties. Every product has a different level of warranty based on the type of equipment.

We help to take the confusion out of warranty and register your products after we install them. We also take the headache out of warranty and process your warranty claims for you with the manufacturers.

It’s our way of taking care of our clients and another reason to trust Ben White Pool Service!

How quickly can you fix my green pool?

Every pool is in a different state of balance. That’s because each swimming pool is a totally enclosed ecosystem that we have to test to understand.

We use the Langelier Saturation Index to help us identify the state of balance of your pool water. Once your LSI score is detected we can then treat your swimming pool accurately.

We can turn any swimming pool from green to clean in a matter of days. Don’t believe us? Just give us a call to find out how we are the best in the industry and for your backyard!

Do you install variable speed pumps?

Absolutely we do! In fact, our variable speed pumps are the best rated in the industry! We even have the ability to let you control the flow and speed of your filter pump from the palm of your hand.

Curious? Give us a call and ask us the ways that we can help you purchase and program an automation system for your swimming pool! We promise that once you’ve got a properly programmed system in place, caring your swimming pool could never be any easier!

You’ll love the fluidness of our automation systems and variable speed pumps!

Can you program my pool automation system?

We have experience working with Pentair, Zodiac and Hayward automation systems. These are known as the “Big 3” in our industry and are located in 99% of backyards in Dallas Fort Worth.

Therefore, if you have an automation system at your home, chances are it’s one of these. That also means that you can call Ben White Pool Service and we can help you from start to finish!

Just let us know what type of features you’d like to control from your pool controller and we can program it to make it happen! We are all about making life a little bit easier, and our pool controllers certainly help to accomplish that!¬†


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