About Us

We deliver high quality services so you can maximize your fun and enjoyment outside!

Our Business Model: Natural Growth through Happy Clients

It’s always been our belief that our business will grow if our clients are happy and taken care of. Turns out we were right and business really can be that simple! Ben White Pool Service ensures each client that they will always remain our top priority and we work diligently to ensure that every service we offer is top notch and delivers the best value to you for the greatest return – time outside in a worry free environment so you can enjoy time with those who you love most. Pretty simple, right?

Our Beautiful Backyard Promise

The purpose of every pool company is to keep your backyard looking beautiful and ready for you to dive in and enjoy, right? So why would you settle for anything less than beautiful? We understand this principle and promise all of our clients that we work very hard to keep their backyards looking stunning, beautiful and prepared for their next outdoor staycation! After all, we all want to enjoy more time outside.

So why not hire the pool service company that keeps your backyard looking beautiful and well kept? Contact us today for a free backyard inspection!

What is the purpose of having a backyard if it is not clean, well kept and organized? You should be able to walk outdoors, sit down at your table and chair and sip on that morning coffee. We want you to crack open the morning paper, take time to wake up and enjoy the time outdoors soaking in the warmth and sounds of that trickling water fall off the raised spa. 

Our Beautiful Backyard Promise guarantees that we work diligently to keep your backyard looking pristine at all times. It means that you too can sneak outside during your few moments of peace each day to soak in the beauty of your backyard oasis! If this sounds like something you want for your home and family, Ben White Pool Service is here to help!

Another aspect of pool ownership that we often cringe when thinking about is chemical maintenance? You had a hard time passing high school chemistry and it certainly wasn’t a class that you’d ever want to take again!

Owning a swimming pool is a lot like chemistry. There is a natural state of balance that water requires in order to be satisfied. If left unchecked – water can become corrosive or scale forming. Meaning, water is aggressive and can tarnish, stain or etch your pool surface (plaster) in order to maintain its state of balance. This all gets a little over complicated and its not the worry that you need to feel with keeping your backyard looking beautiful and clean!

Why not call Ben White Pool Service and let us handle the complicated math so all you need to think about is what Spotify station you want to listen to as you sit outside and enjoy your beautiful outdoor living space?

Now that we’re talking about water chemistry,  it’s important to acknowledge that good water chemistry is the key to sparkling blue water. Ben White Pool Service understands the essentials to water chemistry so we can make adjustments in: pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Stabilizer, Total Dissolved Solids & Chlorine. 

We also understand the impacts of outside factors on your swimming pool, such as: Temperature, the ingress of Phosphates & Metals. These factors that play a significant role on the feel and behavior of your water.

We don’t suggest trying to tackel these complicated chemical factors unless you have been trained as a Certified Pool Operator (which we are). This certification ensures that we have the key elements of understanding to care for your swimming pool and keep it both beautiful & crystal clear for your outdoor enjoyment! 

Now, we have spoken enough about some of the complexities of swimming pool ownership. But we don’t want to scare you. Owning a swimming pool should be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your lifetime

Your backyard is meant to be a place of fun, safety, relaxation and refuge for your family to make memories together. We believe that all of our homes play a central role in the development of our children and the experiences we get to have with them. 

Therefore, take the complexities of pool ownership out of your life by hiring Ben White Pool Service! We are a pool company that understands what’s important to you and we deliver a Beautiful Backyard Promise designed to optimize your lifestyle outdoors! 

Client Testimonials

Taking care of my swimming pool has always been a task that I’ve never enjoyed. It’s time consuming, confusing and I always seem to mess something up. I started to look for a pool service company that had fair pricing and found Ben White Pool Service. This has been an easy decision that is reinforced by their professionalism and service!

Tim, Euless TX

Last spring was a stressful time period for us. Our daughter was graduating from high school and she was ready to head off to college. My husband and I wanted to throw her a graduation celebration and had family and guests planned to visit. Our pool looked terrible and we needed help – Bert was our answer and saved the day!

Whitney, Denton TX

I started researching Variable Speed pumps as a way to reduce my energy bill every month. My old pool pump was expensive to maintain and kepth breaking. Bert helped me to select the right variable speed pump for my pool and now taking care of my pool is easy and cost effective! He helped me to program it and answered my questions!

Robert, Highland Village TX

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services do you provide?

We provide a wide range of swimming pool cleaning & repair services, such as:

  • Filter Cleaning
  • Chemical Maintenance
  • Brushing / Emptying Skimmer Baskets
  • Equipment Diagnosing
  • Leak Detection
  • Automation Programming
  • Much more

In essence if you have a backyard that needs our attention – we can help! Just give us a call or let us know what you’re looking for and Ben White Pool Service will be more than happy to help maintain your outdoor living space!

What warranties do you offer?

All of our products are backed by manufacturer warranties. Every product has a different level of warranty based on the type of equipment.

We help to take the confusion out of warranty and register your products after we install them. We also take the headache out of warranty and process your warranty claims for you with the manufacturers.

It’s our way of taking care of our clients and another reason to trust Ben White Pool Service!

How quickly can you fix my green pool?

Every pool is in a different state of balance. That’s because each swimming pool is a totally enclosed ecosystem that we have to test to understand.

We use the Langelier Saturation Index to help us identify the state of balance of your pool water. Once your LSI score is detected we can then treat your swimming pool accurately.

We can turn any swimming pool from green to clean in a matter of days. Don’t believe us? Just give us a call to find out how we are the best in the industry and for your backyard!

Do you install variable speed pumps?

Absolutely we do! In fact, our variable speed pumps are the best rated in the industry! We even have the ability to let you control the flow and speed of your filter pump from the palm of your hand.

Curious? Give us a call and ask us the ways that we can help you purchase and program an automation system for your swimming pool! We promise that once you’ve got a properly programmed system in place, caring your swimming pool could never be any easier!

You’ll love the fluidness of our automation systems and variable speed pumps!

Can you program my pool automation system?

We have experience working with Pentair, Zodiac and Hayward automation systems. These are known as the “Big 3” in our industry and are located in 99% of backyards in Dallas Fort Worth.

Therefore, if you have an automation system at your home, chances are it’s one of these. That also means that you can call Ben White Pool Service and we can help you from start to finish!

Just let us know what type of features you’d like to control from your pool controller and we can program it to make it happen! We are all about making life a little bit easier, and our pool controllers certainly help to accomplish that! 


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