Repair Services for Every Pool Need

Maintaining a well functioning swimming pool can be tough sometimes. That’s why we offer our comprehensive repair services! Give us a call today and we’ll be in your backyard promptly to fix the issue and return your pool and spa back to summer shape!

Filtration Equipment Repairs

Automation Troubleshooting

Chemical Diagnosis & Treatments

Your One Stop Shop

Ben White Pool Service is here to make pool ownership a joy and fun for the whole family! We don’t want you to worry about that clanking motor, antenna that won’t connect or water chemistry that doesn’t make sense.

Instead, we are here to ease the stress of pool care and handle the hard stuff for you. Therefore, if you have a problem in your backyard that needs to be addressed – don’t waste anymore of your personal time trying to understand and fix the issue.

Just give Ben White Pool Service a call and we will be in your backyard promptly addressing the issue – so you can return back to your family time and play and save work for the week (not the weekend)!

Our Repair Services

We work diligently to address every care or concern our clients have with their backyards. Often, this means fixing all types of swimming pool filtration equipment, lights, programming, trouble shooting and much, much more. 

We can fix, repair and program any aspect of your backyard living space. Below is a quick overview of our services, but we offer A LOT more than what you see here:


Free Estimates on all Repairs

Motor Replacement

Filter Cleaning & Media Replacement

Valve Repair & Circulation Improvement

Plumbing Repair

Freeze Protection & Freeze Damage Repair

Automation Programming & Trouble Shooting

Book an Appointment:

If you’re struggling with any aspect of your outdoor living space and need some professional assistance – give us a call! Our pricing is very competitive and we work hard to ensure that all of our clients are treated like family and taken care of from start to finish!

(214) 536-2669

Client Testimonials

It’s fascinating to see people who are truly passionate about their work while also caring for their clients. There are not enough businesses like Ben White Pool Service. They are the only pool company that I will trust to work in my backyard and I’m so grateful for their calm, professional attitude. Thank you Bert!

Tim K, PlanoTX

I found Ben White Pool Service after talking to a friend who has used their services for several years. We just purchased a house that had a swimming pool and immediately had problems with our filtration lines and controller. Bert came out and assessed that we had a clogged filter & helped program our automation. Great service!

Rebecca, Dallas TX

If you’re looking for a professional and easy-to-work-with pool company, you’ll be hard pressed to find one better than Ben White Pool Service. They are extremely responsive and easy to get in touch with. Bert explains how things work and helps educate me through every interaction with him. This is a fun company to work with!

Donna B, Highland Village TX


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