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Our services are geared towards helping you do what you love most – spending time outdoors enjoying your home and making memories with your loved ones!

Filter Cleaning

Chemical Maintenance

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We Care About Our Clients and Their Pools!

Our team is highly trained and focused on delivering the highest level customer service available! From basic filter cleaning, to leaf removal, emptying skimmer baskets, flushing out return lines, brushing, chemical maintenance and much more – we offer everything you need to enjoy your outdoor living space to the fullest!

If you’re ready for Summer and can’t wait for the water to warm, give Ben White Pool Service a call! We can make sure that your backyard is ready for you to dive in as soon as the warm weather arrives!


Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are catered around extending your time outdoors enjoying your backyard and making memories! These services are competitively priced and designed to deliver exceptional value and quality for our clients!

Filter Cleaning:

Keeping your swimming pool healthy requires you to run your filtration equipment – regularly. To optimize your filtration, keep your water clean and lower your longterm maintenance cost – you need to keep your filter clean. We regularly remove your D.E. Grids or Cartridges to thoroughly clean your filter and keep your equipment running smooth and healthy!


In order to keep algae at bay we brush the walls to remove algae spores that can cling to your plaster surface. Regular brushing also keeps the walls smooth, clean and comfortable to the touch. Let our experts provide weekly wall brushing for a happy, beautiful and healthy swimming pool!

Emptying Skimmer Baskets:

Another aspect of optimal water filtration is removing debris in order to decrease the pressure placed on your system. We remove all leaves and other debris from your skimmer baskets and pump baskets. This is a simple task but often gets overlooked by homeowners and must remain a top priority of pool ownership!

Leaf Removal:

Fall comes around the same time every year, and with it comes leaves: lots and lots of leaves! These leaves can wreak havoc on your swimming pool leading to: stains, clogged main drains, poor filtration and damaged equipment. Therefore, if your swimming pool has a leaf problem – we recommend giving us a call and removing these pesky materials from your pool or spa!

Chemical Maintenance:

Last but not least – it’s essential to care about the chemical health of your swimming pool! Water operates based on a scientific approach known as the Langelier Saturation Index! Based upon mountains of research, water requires a natural state of balance in order to be satisfied. Left unchecked water can become corrosive or scale forming. We maintain the chemistry of your pool or spa in order to keep your pool surface (plaster) safe and beautiful!

From $135/month

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If you’re on the hunt for a premier pool cleaning service but need one that you can know and trust – we completely understand! In fact, we’d like to meet you in person and help put a face to a name! Give us a call and let us perform complimentary swimming pool inspection so we can become acquainted with you and your backyard! It’s the first step towards happy pool ownership!

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